Bookkeeping Services

Get organized and equipped for efficient financial operations.

How We Can Help You

Timely Totals offers customized bundled services to help you take control of your bookkeeping and accounting.


Bookkeeping provides more than just a paper trail. It can also help reveal the keys to meeting your business goals and maximizing growth opportunities. Plan for long-term growth and stability with our precise bookkeeping services.

Invoicing & Collections

Streamlined and optimized invoicing is the key to getting paid easily and on time. Timely Totals provides customized invoicing styled and tailored to your brand that allows your customers to swiftly submit payments. We also provide follow-ups to ensure said invoices are received in a timely manner.

E-commerce Support

At Timely Totals, we can help you record all your e-commerce sales, whether it’s through Shopify or Amazon online stores. We provide swift support for all bookkeeping issues and are reachable when you need answers to your questions or any if issues come up.

Royalty & Licence Tracking

Does your business deal with receiving or paying royalties and licensing fees? You can rely on our proficiency in managing rights and agreements for licensed documents, merchandise, and video and images.

Tax Support

Not only do we provide you with the proper foundation for preparing financial statements for taxes, you also receive 1099 processing and e-filing, and sales tax filings. When appropriate, we also collaborate with your tax professional to provide documentation for maximum deductions.

Cloud Bookkeeping

We provide you with the technology to seamlessly establish online bookkeeping and digital transaction tracking. Utilizing state-of-the-art cloud software, we help you establish streamlined accounting for easy access from anywhere in the world.


Timely Totals handles many areas of payroll administration, including establishing a system, processing paychecks, or, we can provide you with a system so you can process your own paychecks. We also help you with benefits, keeping tabs on retirement contributions limits, deductions for benefit plans, and vacation/sick time tracking.

Bill Pay

Your time is better spent building your business than on keeping track of every single payment due date. Timely Totals can take over your bill pay and keep your liabilities current with our worry-free monthly bill-pay services.

Financial Statements

Timely Totals can provide a monthly financial report that includes an income statement, balance sheet, expense details, budget vs. actual analysis, and other key performance indicators. When necessary, you also receive assistance with state or local government filings.

And Even More...

Dealing with a specific issue not listed above? Request a free consultation to learn more about how we can help your business thrive!
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